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First Assembly of God
351 West Gibson Street, Jasper, Texas  75951
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Pastor Rick & Danise Roach
Meet Our Family

Pastor Roach grew up in the small town outside of Sour Lake, TX.   He was saved at 6 years old and filled with the Spirit when he was 8 and called into the ministry at age 9 while attending kids camp. Pastor Roach's grandfather was the Reverend E.D. Roach which you may have noticed in our history on the "About Us" page pastored in Jasper, TX in 1948. 
He built and pastored many churches across Texas and Louisiana with 50 years of ministry before he passed away in 1995.   Pastor Rick's mom and dad, Billy and Betty Roach still live outside Sour Lake.
Sis Danise was born into the Pastor's home of JC and Anita Durham, who were also former Pastors of First Assembly in Jasper for 38 years. She was saved at age 6 and filled with the Spirit at age 7. She always knew since day one she was called into the ministry.   As a child she would line up her dolls, hold her mother's old purse like an accordion singing and preaching to them.  


In 1983 their first born Johnathon Dee came 5lb 9 oz and in 1985 , Krystal Nicole was born 6lb 3oz. Two years later, they went on the Evangelistic field and traveled the United States preaching, singing and doing Kids Camps. 

After many years in the field, they settled at a church in the hills of Arkansas. 

In 1978 Pastor Rick had come home to visit his parents that had moved outside of Sour Lake. They were now attending another church closer to their home called Little Rock Assembly of God.   Little did they know, the church had just elected a new Pastor, Rev. JC Durham.
When they attended the church that morning someone had mentioned to the Pastor Durham that Billy and Betty's boy sang so he asked him to come up and sing a special.   Pastor Rick was walking toward the piano and tripped on a small step causing him to fall on the piano player which happened to be Sis Danise's mother.   After gaining his composure, he started to sing but was so nervous after such an episode that he pulled the wire out of the microphone in the middle of the song.  Sis Danise turned to her friend and said, "I don't know who that poor boy is but he needs me!"   Little did she know, she was prophesying.   A week later they started dating and 3 months later, they were married.  They have worked in ministry before they were married and took their first posting together two weeks after they were married
While they were there in Arkansas, their son Johnathon fell in love and married Katie Kilbreath. And their daughter also fell in love and started dating a young man, Steven House. After several months, Steven told them of the hardship his sisters were in and how they were about to go into foster care. After much prayer and family discussion they took the two young teens Rachel and Amanda in. After pastoring several more years in Arkansas and then in North Texas, God led them to Jasper where Rachel met and married Eric Nuckels.  Amanda has since moved back to Arkansas.  They now have 7 grandchildren: Kaylee, Garrick ( Johnathon and Katie's Children),  Bryson, Kayden and Kyleigh(Steven and Krystal's)  and Connor, Braylen (Eric and Rachel's). 
Sunday School 9:45 AM
Sunday Worship Service 10:45 AM
Children's Church 10:45 AM
Evening Worship  6:00 PM

Bible Study 7:00 PM
Youth Meeting 7:00 PM
Jr. Bible Quiz7:00 PM

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